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To clone one of these trees, install git, and run:

git clone git:// + project path.
For convenience, the clone URL is available as the "git" link below, or on the status page of any repository. Note that the second URL is for commiters and requires access permission.

For more information about git, see an overview, the tutorial or the man pages.

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
nfc/nfc-example.git Linux RFID/NFC userspace test... Aloisio Almeida Jr 3 years ago
projects/cheese.git Game trainning example Daker F. Pinheiro 23 months ago
projects/codingstyle.git QML Coding Style Daker Pinheiro 3 years ago
projects/libqtlabs.git Library for phabricator custom... Artur Duque de Souza 2 years ago
projects/nfcwifi.git File sharing through NFC/WIFI Aloisio Almeida Jr 3 years ago
projects/qtquickstyles.git Prototype of Qt5 QStyle equivalent Thiago Lacerda ... 2 years ago
projects/shoppinglist.git Qt Shopping List application Anselmo L. S. Melo 3 years ago
projects/weather.git Weather Renato Chencarek 21 months ago